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Wait for a lull in business at the mid-cabin restrooms after people start falling asleep. This typically happens around three to four hours into the flight. Once again, nobody cares as much on these flights, so as soon as you see the restrooms are empty, make your move and snag one. Your call. Matt Meltzer is a staff writer for Thrillist and has successfully utilized one of these methods. Find milkycat com which one and follow him: Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

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On a standard domestic flight Step 1: On a domestic red-eye Step 1: Make sure aeroplane locks vintage ffm door. After five minutes, knock quietly but distinctly use a secret knock! So what if it sounds like a panty raid? Dress for success If ever there were a day to go commando, this is it.

She should wear a skirt for easy access, you might consider sweatpants—or at least avoid button flies and belts. Position yourself properly There are sex only two possible sexual positions.

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One involves putting down the toilet seat, sitting, sex having her go to town reverse cowgirl style. But those two are not alone: Among those frisky flyers, Brits are said to be the keenest on Mile High romps, according to another Skyscanner survey of cabin crew members.

And there are clearly reasons why people aeroplane willing to join the prestigious club, despite the fact that it is illegal to have sex on a regular commercial flight. For a start, the risk-factor associated with having sex in such a novel and densely-packed space is likely to heighten the arousal for any sexual thrill-seekers out there. But, surprisingly, the attraction aeroplane X-rated mid-flight entertainment doesn't just come from the excitement of doing it somewhere a bit risky.


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When the flight attendant opened the door, the passengers seemed nonchalant about what they were doing. They quickly got dressed and both went back to their seats, which were not even near each other, and went about their business like nothing had happened!

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From a logistical standpoint, how much room would a couple have to pull it off? It would be a logistical nightmare!

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Do I get it? But at the same time, it amazes us how many people want to do it in the lavatories.

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