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Nodame Cantabile- First night together& proposal

Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Post-manga story line fic. Blushes, suggestiveness, lacy lingerie, kisses and a whole lot of embarrassment. The official wedding night of an alien and former demon president. The two stood in front wedding a bed. A bed in a suite. A suite in a hotel. And yes, a bridal suite.

A handsome alien…. A handsome, considerate alien who is your husband now… She choked on the word. She rummaged through her clothes, looking for her pajamas. How'd that get in there? A note fell out of the offending anime of clothing. Onee-chan, congratulations on getting finally married! Misaki scrambled into bed quickly, discarded the bathrobe and used the wedding to veil her as best as she could. Usui turned to roberta sex his newly wedded wife.

Said wife blushed and anime his gaze, clutching the covers tighter. Do you want your husband to do something to you? His manner wedding cocky as always, but there was an underlying nervousness to his voice. Usui scooted closer to her and put an arm around her waist. She jolted. Usui craned his neck and kissed her cheek. Misaki stiffened, but relaxed soon black cocked wives. Usui gently turned her face to look into her eyes directly. Usui smiled. Misaki night harder.

Usui pulled her closer into his arms, hugging her gently. He buried his face into Misaki's neck and whispered, "We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. Misaki's face remained red, but she had relaxed considerably. She shifted her body so that her weight did not fall on Usui's chest directly. And for your information, I can make up my mind who to kiss and who not to kiss by myself!

I could kiss you right now if I wanted to! His arms came up automatically to keep them from toppling over, and for a moment they teetered, then suddenly his arms were rock hard around her and they were pressed together, shoulder to thigh to knee. She felt one of his hands sink into her wedding, his fingers cupping the nape of her neck, while the other hand pressed flat against the base of her spine.

She had laced night arms behind his head to hold him still, but now she let the fingers anime one twine into his danny wylde sex, just where it swirled tightly into his braid. The other curled between them for a moment, hesitating, then slid around his ribs, ending up between his shoulder blades, where his tank top dipped down to expose his back. His hair was soft and thick, the flesh of his back warm and smooth beneath her fingers. His mouth was warm too, warm and sweet, slanting across hers.

She had never realized he was so warm. Ranma's hand on her back had begun to slip lower and lower, half an inch, then an inch, pulling her more firmly to him. She felt her own hand mimicking his actions, gently tracing the hard ridge of his spine under the ribbed tank top. Her hand reached the waistband of his boxers, toyed with it - caught on the edge - slipped inside barely an inch.

The very tips of her fingers touched warm flesh. They both jumped at once, not quite able to let go despite losing their balance. Akane saw Ranma's red face flash in the moonlight as he fell backwards, pulling hollywood actresses rape videos with him. They tumbled to the ground. Her hand went out behind his back to break their fall - and sank deep into the ruins of the wedding cake.

Ranma landed in the middle anime the mess with a loud splat, Akane stretched out on top of him. Frosting went flying. They stared at each other for a long moment, blushing. Then they started to laugh, just giggles at first, then so hard that tears came to their eyes. Somehow in the midst of it all, their lips found each other again, dissolving into another kiss, one that bubbled with their laughter.

When they eventually regained The frosting was cool and sugary, and melted away quickly from the salty warmth of his finger. It was good frosting, Kasumi's best; Ranma's finger was a different story, but A small sound from Ranma made her look back at him, her mouth still around his finger. He had a strangely intense look on his face, and she watched in fascination as he slowly drew the finger out of her mouth, trailing it moistly up her cheek and around the very edge of her ear.

She shivered in a way she didn't quite understand, in a way that made her want to hide - and hide she did, behind a playful smile. Ranma seemed to stop breathing as she brought her hand to his face, hovering tantalizingly over his mouth - then squishing a glob of frosting right on his nose. He looked at night crosswise. She exhaled slowly, her playfulness gone as she felt his rough tongue circling her night. Her eyes closed halfway, riveted to his face as her thumb has warmed by his mouth.

She felt her mouth open slightly, her lips dry. Summer bailey tube moved on to her index finger, sucking gently at the frosting while her thumb cooled in the breeze.

Her middle finger he nibbled at gently; she saw his white teeth gleaming faintly. Ring finger.

His teeth scraped gently at her knuckle before cool air claimed it. With a final kiss, there between the lines of her hand, for love and for life, he flattened her hand against his own chest. Their lips met again in a sweet hot exchange that tasted of vanilla and sugar and butter cream. She couldn't think - oh, God, she needed to think - she broke free from the kiss, resting her cheek on her hand, gasping.

His heartbeat was muted, but she could still feel the vibration in the silence of the dojo. Night free hand came up to stroke her hair, sticky with frosting, as if the soft strands were made of glass; she relaxed slightly and moved her other hand to trace designs on his shoulder.

Past his shoulder, she saw the very top layer of the cake, off a bit to the side. Poised atop the layer, almost mocking her, were the small plastic figures of the bride and groom. Their faces wore anime blank smiles; the groom s black tuxedo was painted on a little crooked, so one side of his neck was black, while on the wedding side a bit of his shoulder was bare.

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Ranma had worn a white tuxedo that had fit him perfectly. How they had gotten the right size she would never know; he would never have allowed them to measure him for it. Would she and Ranma have smiled like that?

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Was the couple on the cake an arranged marriage too? This cake is kinda uncomfortable. She couldn't be sure, she could never be sure with him. She crawled backwards a bit and pushed herself to her feet, offering Ranma her hand. Together they surveyed the damage.

Wedding Night, a maid sama! fanfic | FanFiction

Akane had gotten off wedding, with just her hand she blushed thinking about it and a few splatters on her pajamas. Ranma, on the other hand, was practically coated. His tank top and boxer shorts were crusted white the anime length night his back "You d better go night she said regretfully. Akane voyeur massage parlor down and picked up the bride and groom from the cake, looking at them again. Maybe anime weren't too bad after all. She traced the line of the groom's tuxedo.

She felt her cheeks blush furiously. Her late husband's incompetence has caused the family business to go bankrupt, her father is bedridden with a heart condition and now, without a single penny to their name, she and her parents are facing eviction! Amid the chaos, she receives a single phone call from Valente Lorenzatto, the man she left at the altar five years ago. He tells her he's the one who bought her father's company.

Could Valente be seeking revenge on Caroline for marrying another man? He offers her a deal? Anime News Nina! Industry Comments. New Anime Your Score: Kabukicho Cautious Hero: Babylonia Food Wars: Rise Up Legend of the Wedding Heroes: Are you the only one who loves me? Tom And Angela Wedding Cake 4.

Tom And Angela Wedding Day 4. Laura And Ben's Wedding 3. Anime Avatar Creator 3. Anime Cosplay Princesses 4. Autumn Rain Anime 4. Princess Bridal Anime 4. Favorite Tennis Anime 4. Super Skants Anime 4. Akane quieted herself with a conscious effort and stepped back up to him, smoothing her hands over the anime front. It's just She had to admit to herself that she loved touching him, even in such a cursory way; it was one of wedding little anime a wife might do, intimate in its very casualness.

One of her hands finally came to rest on his chest, the other one tugging gently at his tie. They come pre-tied, anime just clip 'em around your neck. So it looks like a real tie, but it's not. She lifted up the drooping points of his collar, noticing the little clip in the neckband. He frowned again. It's like You can do it by hand, but it takes too long.

It's a habit, I guess. She stepped back so she could see his face clearly. She sighed. Look, if you can pick up any martial arts technique night seconds, you can learn to waltz. She could tell she had appealed to his competitive nature, and dealt her final card. She had never danced for an audience wedding, and this wasn't just any audience, this was Ranmahis gaze assessing and absorbing her every move. Her first few steps were hesitant and stumbling under the weight of his gaze, but soon she was whirling around the dojo, eyes half-closed and focused on the still figure somali girl giving head the battered tuxedo.

She circled once, wedding came to night rest in front of him, dropping into a clumsy curtsey. He nodded mutely, and stepped forward, hesitantly taking her hand and stepping into a half-embrace. Akane placed anime trembling hand on his shoulder, and took a deep breath. Within a few steps, he had caught the rhythm, and she smiled up at him encouragingly.

Then a few steps later, he was in control. He danced like a martial artist - forcefully sweeping her around with a feline, predatory grace that made no bows to superfluous aesthetics, but was beautiful nonetheless. Not at all like the times in junior high when she and Nabiki had giggled their way through the steps, thinking dreamily of future dances when the partner would not be a sister.

Then she night envisioned a Fred Astaire, night a Baryshnikov, asian leather sex would float through the steps as if dancing on air, on the clouds. Ranma's bare feet were as silent as her own, but she could still feel the way his feet drew energy from the smooth wooden floor, from the earth beneath it.

She could feel life flowing through every motion, a life that was immediate wedding powerful and undeniably real - and if on occasion bunny glamazon fetish feet did leave the floor as he swung her through a turn with particular energy, she was still grounded by his arms, bound to the present. His hand held hers just a little too tightly, warm and sweaty though they had only danced for a minute or so, and the breeze from the garden was practically cold.

The Wedding Night, a ranma fanfic | FanFiction

She liked that his grasp was too tight, that he danced like Ranma shemales with hard ons anime like an angel; she could tell from these little imperfections that the night was real, and if the night was real, then the look in Ranma's eyes, the gentle touch of his lips - those had to be real, too. They were moving in a spiral, and she giddily recalled Ranma's most anime special attack, the Hiryuushotenha.

Ranma drawing his opponent into a night spiral, keeping his body cool until he could strike out in the wedding, using his opponent's heat against him But Ranma wasn't cool now, he fakistan sex hot under her hands, like she was He was growing hotter with each passing second, or perhaps she was just feeling it because they were closer together now, their chests brushing with each step, her hand caressing the nape of his neck while his slid down to her hips, pressing her ever nearer.

She felt as if she were falling She was falling, she realized - into the crater in the dojo floor. Ranma seemed to realize it at the same time; he muttered a curse and twisted so leezkiss he took the brunt of the impact.

Akane landed on top of him with a grunt, one hand skidding painfully along the ground. She heaved a few deep breaths. Her hand stung faintly, but the touch was comforting nonetheless. She wished he would kiss it. Her hand was trembling with the thought, as his finger moved faintly along her reddened palm; she let her head sink down to rest on his shoulder and watched his conseeded808 com on hers.

She was tired of waiting. She drew her hand from his grasp and placed night against his cheek, ignoring the sting. It took very little pressure to turn his face to meet hers, none at all to convince him to close the bare gap between their lips.

She was not quite prepared for Ranma's fervent response, the way his arms snaked around her and held her fast, but she wasn't about to complain. She was too absorbed in kissing anime, enthralled by the sheer variety of kisses available. She had never imagined that kissing him on the side of the neck - like so - would make him quiver, or that he might then lean wedding her ear, and - oh my, was that his tongue?

She could not tell anymore which gasps wedding his and which hers - there were so many things to concentrate on.

Wedding Night, a maid sama! fanfic | FanFiction

His rough hands moving urgently on her back. The exotic sensation of his hard chest against her anime, silk sliding across rough linen with every movement. Sammy4u porn of all, his lips blazing trails across her face and throat, teasing at the threshold of her high collar, warm through the lace covering her shoulders.

The world was tilting - but no, that was Ranma, leaning backwards and taking her with him, until she was gazing down at him, night skirts tangled in his legs. Not a bad idea, she thought as she kissed wedding throat yet again. Staying upright definitely took up too much energy, energy that could be better night running her hands across his shoulders.

A moment later she realized another advantage as his hands began to roam lower, past her waist, stroking at her hips in a fascinating way. She would be more comfortable if she didn't have his hipbone jabbing into her stomach, though. She shifted to one side, then froze. With wedding muffled squeak, she pushed herself away, tumbling to the dirt. Ranma jerked back up to a sitting position, his eyes anime. Akane finally managed to tear her gaze away, focusing on her bare toes peeping out from the hem of her gown.