Understanding Relative Pronouns Creatively :) (who, when, where, which)

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Hide Anonteacher. Per page: Options asd. Yeah I mean everybody's awkward but anonteacher doesn't mean you're autistic lol like not to sound like a but if you've ever met someone with it you'd know the difference. I hated it when they called me out on saying can instead of may. I'm too retarded to understand the difference so the conversation went like this: Licken, can I use the bathroom?

Only got scolded once for leaving, though. I would have done that but I was scared of him because he was an asshole and I didnt like doing things that might get me in trouble. I wasn't trying to be disobediant. I clittoris anonteacher understand that they were trying to correct my grammar.

For whatever reason, I thought they were letting me decide whether I really needed to go to the bathroom or not.

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If I said yes, I just assumed they realized that I could anonteacher to the bathroom. Not related to content, but just noticed this ing thing so I'll complain about it here. An ad at the bottom that anonteacher the next and previous buttons, and it can't be close?

The ad is for Toyo tires btw.

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Can we even summon admin, or do we need to directly message him or use discord or whatever? Watch porn videos for free.

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