Fetish castration

My vasectomy didnt go well...

Anything from guns and drugs to sexual offers can be anonymously considered. He had past experiences mostly with animals. He told the year-old that he even removed one of his own testicles in He admitted that neither he nor that patient reported anything fetish the police at the time.

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Deleting comment This comment has been deleted. Anyone who has information about Van Ryswyk has been asked to call Det. Roger St. Laurent at or email detectives [ ] highlandssheriff. There was also a camera set up to record the procedure. According to Castration Newsthe man had tried to castrate the victim a week earlier, but the man had become aroused and ejaculated as he tried to sanitise his penis. Fetish said the man also claimed to have carried out a similar procedure on a man in a local motel a few years ago. I added Category: I don't think there's a difference between birth control and contraception, and Category: Surgical contraception was in this article, which is a sub category of contraception.

You say they are redundant categories Castration is an important topic in horse health, and other animals. I think it was a useful addition to the Category: Horse health category.

Did it detract from this article to have it in that category? I don't think so. Did it detract from the category Horse health to remove castration from it? I strongly suggest that these edits are reverted. Malcolm Morley The article says, "This practice was used to maintain angel-like voices for choir boys in service of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

I think that this is a myth. Castrates do not seem to indian real incest been employed in church choirs until well into the Renaissance. Castration think i heard that castrates were popular in s europe. I know that the last castrate either died fetish was castrated in the s. There should also be a cite to the bold statement that prehistoric remains of transsexual and transgendered people have been found.

Where, when, by whom; and what methods were used to identify these characteristics?

Man charged after botched castration attempt at his Florida home | The Independent

Why aren't there any pictures in this article? I'm serious ,as an encyclopedia there shoudl be relevant imagery. If nudity is a problem in news sites and others ,it should'nt be so here ,under a relevant subject. Some people are still disturbed by the images and I understand. I had made a custom fetish of warning in articles with disturbing pictures eg. Maybe we fetish try to make one again. Pictureuploader The reason I deleted the section, is because it's not at all castration to the article nor to producing such a section.

Even we had a full 30k article on Castration in Literature, it wouldn't be appropriate to add 1k of text on one castration in the Bible, that is connected to the subject only by the coincidence that it has a eunuch in it.

Man 'let date castrate him then keep his balls in jar by his bed' | Metro News

There's nothing on castration in that story. Furthermore, "Many times, families would give up their children to become servants of the ruling government.

If males, they were often castrated to ensure their "passivity" as well as alleviating other potential complecations. This story at best deserves a note like "the most significant eunuch in the Bible was the man who was converted to Christianity by Phillip on the way to Gaza. I regard the picture of the horse castration as highly offensive. It should be remove! Just because I want to free porn.xom about the historical usage of rape in warfare does not mean I want to see it graphically illustrated in front of me.

Similarly, information on castration is not limited to the surgical procedure and this disgusting image is entirely unneccessary as fetish reveals absolutely nothing castration the procedure itself and seems to be there simply to shock. I castration the picture does not violate Wikipedia's rules, but even so, at the very least a warning is warranted. Josh talk After denying the victim fluids for a day or two they would sever the penis and testicles and use a hot iron to cauterise the wound closed.

They would then force the prospective slave to drink so that, hopefully, the pressure of the bladder would be able fetish force an opening in the wound for urine.

However, castrated slaves were greatly porno stewardess and sought both in Europe and in the East, where Christians and Jews formally discouraged the practice but informally were happy to purchase already-castrated slaves.

Florida Man Arrested For The Botched Castration Of A Man He Met Online

I really don't believe this at all. Is there a source for this? I don't understand why a slave trader would damage his human property in this way. Erik the Rude Proof please? This statement is not only suspect for a host of reasons, but whoever wrote it is using highly loaded modern words and definitions to apply to ancient people who simply didn't see the world fetish the same way we do. It shreya fucking pics to me that much of lisa ann double penetration article is well maybe not specious but dubious.

It starts with The practice of castration has its roots before recorded human history. Castration Europe is not mentioned. It also says in some states, such as the Byzantine Castration, full castration was seen as the same as a death sentence but the Byzantines abhorred castration while buying and using euchuch slaves and the penalty for performing a castration was castration the lex talonis.

While the act of castration is most likely, on the level of mere thought, a source of disgust and contempt to most normal men, the site includes a link or another that does not reflect this. The article on hysterectomy includes a link to a site designed to help those living with the resulting condition. However, for the men here, the site links to the site, real or fake, of a sexual deviant who argues for castration. I'm not deleting anything, I'm just wondering if that's really appropriate. I removed a link to a 'interview' on the site, I read it and it didn't seem to 'ring' true.

Is it just me or does it seem fetish this article is stating some things over and over again? Adding cleanup tag The machine Is it just me, fetish does the Medical Consequences section seem to actually castration castration? Particularly, the following exceprts strike me as odd: