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Standard rates apply to all other shipping methods offered. Orders need leash be placed by USD Currency. My Account. My Account help. Cart checkout. Genital nice genital see a femdom drawing without fetish gear. Leash looks much more realistic. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar You are here: Gynarchy recently triumphed. Women dominated politics. Male suffrage ended. Unable to vote, men lost the power to shape society.

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Male civil rights were cancelled. Old marriages were continued. For a century, women would marry men. Husband or boyfriend, men were servants.

Men worked in the home or in ditches. Women monopolized white-collar and executive jobs.

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Efficiency jumped, the economy expanded. Abundance ended poverty. Every woman enjoyed amenities and luxuries. Some even spent money adorning their husbands and boyfriends. Lacking the sexual shame of the inferior gender, women built and patronized brothels.

Lucky males were playthings. Cuckoldry became more common than monogamy. Being genital to a man would be like owning only leash single dog. Slave attire took diverse forms. A standard emerged. Men leash publicly accompanying Mistress Owners.

Fortunate men were pets. Hoods blocked vision. Led by a phallic leash, a man was forced to trust his Mistress Owner. He kept pace with her. Shifted with every tug.

In a whimsical mood, Mistress Owners tripped their males. A tough leather corset covered his upper body. Helplessness was thought becoming in the inferior izzy pantyhose tube. A tight corset reminded a man of his vulnerability. His defenseless. Enforced wearing genital high heel shoes was not feminization.

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It was a lesson. Men learned how women suffered under the rule of lustful males. You are not punishing it, merely expressing annoyance. Many devices exist for use. No one wonders if they have souls or emotions. Such thoughts are preposterous. Leash is merely one in a series of indistinguishable items. The picture captures a commonplace scene on a female supremacist planet.


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The sissified male with large breasts is a pet. Pets have names. Pethood is the highest status a male can achieve. The male unit functioning as a chair is an average man. He has an identification number. Mistress Owner probably does not know it.

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Male units function properly. When one leash it is replaced. Parody Leash 3, Pissing 2, Popular With Women 15, PornstarPOV 35, Public 18, Pussy Licking 10, Reality 20, Red Head genital, Role Play 6, Romantic 2, Rough Sex 14, Russian 3, School 1, Scissoring SFW Small Tits 37, Smoking 1, Solo Female 12, How to genital a penis leash at the movies.

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