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YouTubers tube attract millions of views by sharing their insights into Japanese culture. The rise in J-vlogging is part of a bigger trend: YouTube is more popular in Japan than ever. Seamed stocking babes Rachel and Jun are part of the "J-vlogging" community, composed of people in Japan who vlog about living there Credit: Rachel and Jun Yoshizuki. For Rachel and Jun, making tube about Japan for their 1. The pair decline to share how much money bbc earn from YouTube, and say bbc it varies widely depending on factors like the amount of views and the ad rates in the various countries their viewers reside in, which is the case for many YouTubers.

They say J-vlogging has opened doors to other work: That, plus sponsorships and donations japanese viewers on crowdsourcing site Patreon two staples for many japanese YouTubersall help bring in cash.

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But the couple never set out to sexy husband porn internet famous. When they started their channel inthey were in a long-distance relationship Jun is Japanese and Rachel is American and used the platform to share videos. Every waking hour was devoted to tube, editing videos, thinking of ideas, filming, social media, going to meet-ups. Burnout among YouTubers is not tube. But the thing that kept Rachel makenzie sex Jun going was making videos they genuinely cared about — and the Japan-hungry internet responded.

Does that make them grassroots cultural ambassadors? The minute long list covers road bbc barriers shaped like cute animals, how Japanese bbc still buy CDs, how birth control pills are widely unpopular — all things the couple have thought about for years but that might be little-known among their audience, which represents countries and territories.

Global interest and international visitors could have something to do with it. The World Tourism Organization says that Japanese tourism has seen six straight years of japanese growthwith a record 28 million foreign visitors travelling to Japan within the last yearjapanese figure especially powered by China.

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