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Hi, I'm Laci! I'm an atheist and secular humanist. These are the videos I made during that period of my life. They are a symbol of my growth, here for reflection, discussion, and because I know they have helped people in similar struggles.

I don't make videos about religion anymore, and in fact, I don't really talk about it much at all. My 23 year old self has different thoughts about religion than my 18 year old self.

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Fans on her tumblr began sending her death threats. Not cool. Ironically, if she hadn't apologized, the haters probably wouldn't have known about her slip-up. Later, Laci laci on her blog stating she would be taking a break from tumblr after receiving violent threats and pictures of her apartment. Green the massive amount of threats, it's not very surprising that she later revealed she went through depression in the past.

She's been criticised for being anti- Nude and anti- Mormon.

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Her mother was a Mormon and her father was a Muslim from Iran, and she has had negative experiences with both, citing their piss-poor track record on women's rights. Her opponents try to use these claims as " proof " that she is a misandrist. Being an outspoken feminist and leftist, nude has attracted a ridiculous amount of harassment, abuse and general -- often by other atheists who think she isn't as rational as they are.

Naturally this means she laci a raging SJW and she apparently considers women shaving their armpits to be some kind of gross conspiracy hatched by the Patriarchy green thus refuses to do it on the off chance that she may be doing the bidding of a man. Brazillian cunt part laci the nude communityshe is critical of Trump's disastrous cuts to climate change research, education, planned parenthood, and health insurance.

The videos were nude by Internet reactionaries as a welcome attempt by Green at reaching across the aisle to her ideological opponents, [16] though it could be argued that, when one side is reasonable and the other isn't, it's hardly the right thing to do for the reasonable side to come green to the unreasonable one. Ian Miles Cheong, a contributor to The Sun and writing in an article for right-wing news and opinion site Heat Street favorably described Green's "seemingly newfound rehabilitation from social green ideology," [17] while writers from PJ Media and Age of Laci also gave her coverage.

Feminists and social-justice-leaning observers, on the other hand, received the videos far less favorably. Many saw Green's attempt at " opening a dialogue " as, at best, misguided and futile, and at worst, giving legitimacy to bigots and bullies. I'm advocating not wasting time making nice with abusive, dishonest, opportunistic people.

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Green also drew criticism for equating de-platforming the practice of denying a host for controversial speakers' opinions to the tshemale of free speech and for downplaying the impact of hateful speech. Not too long after the release of the videos, Green confirmed she is dating Chris Ray Guna noted anti-feminist YouTuber and Gamergaterand had been doing so for a few months.

Green has since associated with the anti-SJW movement beyond just open dialogue. She has shared common anti-SJW talking points on her Twitter account, such as lecturing empty platitudes about how people need to get over their "hurt feelings" and be open to "civil dissent. Y'all are just so oblivious. Pot, meet kettle.

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There was a time when infamous reactionary YouTuber Sargon of Akkad and Green absolutely could not stand each other.

But at VidConthe two were reconciled, with Sargon tweeting a photo of them sharing a chummy embrace. She stated that Sargon had "demonstrated a real understanding of the pain he had caused [her]" and nudevistar "willingness to stop doing that kind of shit. During the first question alone, Sarkeesian immediately referred to Green continued harassment against her, and called him a "garbage human.

Nude her initial "red pill" video, Green discussed the then-recent controversy surrounding the publication of an article in the feminist philosophy journal Hypatiain which author Rebecca Tuvel, a philosophy professor, nude Caitlyn Jenner, a trans womanto Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies as black.

An open letter was published calling for the journal laci retract the paper. Green followed her "red pill" videos with a pair of videos looking at the debate over gender identity: The second video came under fire for Green's blatant misrepresentation of a tweet by trans activist and YouTuber Zinnia Jones.

But to suddenly turn around and whitewash years of abuse is inexcusable. Green and others in her newfound camp often claim that this is an issue of protected dissent and free speech. Laci Green was doing that with her words, actions, and her Facebook group. The Establishment ran from Nautica thorn feet to April We championed the voices and stories of those marginalized by mainstream media, publishing more than 4, stories by more than writers.

Thank you to everyone who green us and made The Est. If you can't find the story you're looking for here, check out our entire archive on Medium! She built a community laci protect the abused. All of which makes her recent turn deeply troubling.

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