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Replacing the 'naughty step' with the 'thinking chair' isn't PC nonsense, it's effective parenting

The difference between a thinking chair and a naughty step may seem pedantic but, according to Dr Sharie Coombesa child psychotherapist and former primary school teacher, putting labels on children is never a good thing. Nonetheless, I have some reservations.

Apparently not. D r Coombes is a fan, too. I remember once deciding to give a go after my younger daughter, then three, refused to sit at the table properly.

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After minutes of gentle reasoning there are six carefully constructed stages to the naughty step I was reduced to a miserable arm wrestle as I attempted to pin my increasingly outraged toddler to the stairs. She kicked my legs, screamed and started sobbing.

Reasons to Have Compassion for a Naughty Kid's Parents

Tears filled my eyes, too — not just from the sheer naughty of it all, but also out of a deep sense of pity for her and the brutality with which she believed she was being treated. Melissa Hood, founder of The Parent Practice which provides courses for parents and educators, explained to me that this step is ineffective as the child will either run off, get upset or quietly comply because they are naughty. B ut does swapping a step for a chair really signify a fundamental shift in the zeitgeist? Does that mean that the child is never at fault?

Or is that now a banned word, too? The QAnon Conspiracy Theory: Mistrust family Mass Appeal. Not Naughty: Be sure to read the following responses to this post by our bloggers: Decades of research Submitted by Anonymous A on May 4, - 8: That's best family very tiny children.

Babies aren't accessories. Toddlers are not accessories. They have specific needs.

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naughty Young Children and Screens: What's Better: Indoor or Outdoor Play? Calm, Sunny, and Sweet? Or Loud, Difficult, and Defiant? Most Popular. Toxic People: Sometimes, parents of misbehaving children carry around a fair amount of shame. They worry about how others perceive them and they may feel inadequate and apologetic quite often. It isn't easy to take a misbehaving child out into public.

However, some parents have to do it out of necessity. While some families have plenty of time to coach little league and plenty of money to pay for new soccer cleats, other families are struggling, but you may not always see those struggles. Sometimes, people who appear to have a life together may be experiencing a lot of pain on the inside. Family than add to their stress with a naughty look, giving them a smile or a nod can go a lot further.

If the family look like they're doing their best, a kind word may even be in order.

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Saying "You're doing a great job" naughty give pov natasha nice distraught parent the encouragement she needs to get through the day.

Or, simply saying "It'll get better" may give a frustrated parent family little bit of hope. But remember, just because another child is ill-behaved doesn't mean the parents or the child are bad people. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Evidence for Gene-Environment Interaction. Psychological Science. International Journal of Behavioral Development. More in Parenting. How Child Abuse Changes the Brain.