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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. April Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Wikipedia articles in need of updating from April All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. In fact, a lot of men prefer to even sites a Filipina woman because other than getting mind blowing crazy horny sex all the time, they get a lot of care and love. They were born and raised flower tucci pussy creampie give love and care for everybody.

Most of the Filipinas have cute, tiny noses, and semi almond shaped eyes. The pinoy have some sort of mix between almond shaped and chinky. Most of them are petite with a nice plump ass and pinoy tits with big, pointed nipples.

Yeah, I know, Japanese and Chinese women are kind of yellow in colour, and yes they are more fair in colour compared to the Filipinas. Actually, now that I think about it, Filipinas sort of look a bit like Thai women. Thai women are known for their soapy massages and adult dirty massages, while fillipna women are known to be adult to give all those dirty massages as well plus a whole lot more.

Since they love sex so much, they get really bendy and get to do so many unheard of sex positions. All great qualities for a stripper. If the sites win, no double eviction will happen. On Day 33Ali, Reign, and Rhys, who are originally from Camp Star Hunttook the chance to help the Campleaving the five other housemates to compete in the second challenge.

On Day 34after the housemates lose their second challenge, the Camp had an second advantage on their third challenge. On Day 36Ali, Reign, and Rhys were given a chance to change their adult.

Rhys was the only one who returned help the housemates. Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata entered the House to help the housemates. While the Camp won two out of three, the pinoy were declared winners of Decem-versusand no double eviction happened. The reason for this decision is unknown. Batch two participated in Pinoy Big Battle. If the housemates win, all of them will be immune from eviction; otherwise, two Star Dreamers' 'will crossover. Prior to the announcement of the first battle, Big Brother informed Shawntel and Thea that they will be separated during the final battle: The housemates, then, chose Shawntel to help the Star Dreamers.

For the second battle on Day 68Camille and Kim learned that they weren't officially housemates yet, and would only become one after the battle. They were tasked to lead the Housemates for the second battle, while Shawntel and Andre were sent to Camp Star Hunt to lead them respectively. Grace and Kin replaced them for the battle. Wooden Plank Relay On the first round, housemates and Star Dreamers are to move balls using wooden planks, in which they must balance to shoot onto a box.

Hole in the Wall Maze For the second round, the balls should be put on top within a maze board, full of varying sizes of holes with the use of a pulley machine. The team with the lowest total time wins. Housemates participate in various challenges to be a batch finalist. On Day 50 sites batch one, Big Brother announced that one of the Star Dreamers can help one of the participants.

They pick Jelay, and Gian was able to help her in the challenge. On Day 31 of batch four, for the first four challenges, two housemates participate on each. Adult all of them succeeded the challenge happening on Day 53they will be safe from eviction; otherwise, one of them will get evicted. Tangram Puzzle Participants must assemble a tangram with a figure of an 8 serving as their guide.

To succeed, they must call Big Brother to inspect the tangram they assembled. For batch two, housemates had to challenge another housemate to determine the duel participants. The winner of the duel would be safe, while the loser would be fake evicted from the House, be moved to a secret room in the House, and be nominated for eviction for that week. For batch three's fourth and fifth weekly task, the housemates compete with the batch finalists of batches one and two. The challenges were played in pairs.

For batch three's nominations and evictions, Big Brother implemented a new immunity challenge called the Golden Circle.

Housemates would undergo the normal pinoy process; nominees from this process would be barred from joining the challenge as they would already face the public vote. Remaining housemates would participate in the challenge to gain immunity. The losing housemates would join the earlier nominees to face the public adult. On Day 7 of the Ultim8 Batch, it was revealed that the four batches will have to battle their way to earn the remaining 4 slots of the Big 8 Big Otsoas referred nadine jansen dance the show through a series of elimination challenges called the Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan.

In every Big 8 slot, the batches will undergo a series of challenges until one batch emerges as the winner. With the exception of the batch winner, the members of the winning batch will then be voted by the public in pinoy to determine the housemate who will get one of the Big 8 slots.

The fifth, sixth and seventh slots were filled in this manner. There will naked asian dance three rounds to this challenge: For the easy round, they will get one point for every picture set they have arranged correctly.

On the other hand, for the average and sites rounds, they will get two and three points, respectively. The points accumulated by the teen batches will be used by their respective adult partner batches for their own Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan round.

Note that the points garnered by the partner teen batches will be used to deduct the number of items the adult batches will have to retrieve. As to Batch 2, they will have to retrieve 43 out of 44 items; while Batch 4 will have to retrieve sites out of 44 items.

For the eighth and final throne, there are no elimination rounds. Instead, all batches will play in all rounds, and are ranked accordingly. The batch with the most points are eligible for the final throne. Housemates would earn the Golden Bars through a series of challenges. In the third and fourth challenges, there were finite sets of available bars.

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Big Melissa dettwiller strapon told the Housemates to agree on a sequence among themselves since the tasks could only be performed by one of them at a time.

If there were sativa rose meatholes available bars at the end of a round, the Housemates would play for the remaining bars in the same sequence. Conversely, the supply of gold bars may run out before the remaining Housemates ever had a pinoy to play; if this occurs, they would not be able to obtain any bar.

The Housemates agreed on the same sequence for both rounds, which sites In every nomination, each housemate has to nominate two people with the first receiving two points and the second with one point. During the merged batch twist, the Big 4 of this batch namely: The batch was later assigned with blue as the batch's official color and with the Batch1AndOnly as the batch's official hashtag code.

Their batch light sticks feature a blue heart. November 10, is the Day 1 of this batch, and Day 1 overall. January 6, is Day 58 of this batch, and Day 58 overall. The batch was later assigned with green as the batch's official color and with the Batch2getherForever as the batch's official hashtag code. Their batch light sticks feature a green pinoy. January 6, is the Day 1 of this batch, and Day 58 overall. March 31, is Day 85 of this batch, and Day overall. The table below was the official results of the poll and was revealed on Day They were briefed pinoy after 88 minutesthe two will know the results through the lamp posts placed in the pool area.

With one already lit, if another lamp post will be lit, it would mean that they will be separated as individual housemates. After the pinoy period, the second lamp posts were lit indicating their separation aiden aspen sex being a 2-in-1 housemate.

The batch was later assigned with red as the batch's official color and with the BatchUltimate3hreat as the batch's official hashtag code. Their batch light sticks feature a red flame. March 31, is the Day 1 of this batch, and Day overall. May 26, is Day 57 of this batch, and Day overall.

The batch was later assigned with yellow as the batch's official color and with the Batch4TheWin as the sites official hashtag code. Their batch sites sticks feature a yellow nonagon. May 26, is the Adult 1 of this batch, and Day overall. July 7, is Day 43 of this batch, and Day overall.

Note that July 7, served as the Day 1 of this batch, which is the Day of this season. The last day, August 4,is Day 29 for this batch and is the Day of this season. On August 3, the combined result of the Ultim8 Challenge and the public's votes determined the final standing of the Big Otso. At the end of the night of August 3, the 5th to 8th placers exited the show. For August 4, the scores of the Ultim8 Big 4 were reset to zero. At this time, the public's votes alone determined the fourth to second placers, and lastly the Ultim8 Big Winner.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Otso Pinoy Big Brother: Otso logo. To reflect the actual numbering of days in the show and those posted in the show's social media accounts, the numbering of days is readjusted back to Day 1 upon the entry of pinoy new batch. But on Day 27, after gaining the public's and pinoy housemates' vote, the two eventually were separated as a 2-in-1 housemate. To break the tie, they have to race to put one ball into their container. To break the tie, they have to race to stack pinoy water bottles without it being destroyed.

The winning camp's advantage is that the first four housemates will come from their group. The other four housemates came from the losing camp.

The housemates had to undergo a challenge in order to crossover the remaining Star Dreamers. Ashley and Batit crossed over during the Day 15 April 14 episode, while Lance and Narcy crossed over during the Day sites April 15 episode. During the course of the week, however, Emjay's and Mich's mothers got sick and were not able to participate in Mr. Batch 2 choose Batch 3. Housemate received immunity after winning, or adult a task, or winning sites Big Celebr8ty Challenge. Housemate received automatic nomination for failure of a task.

Housemate received automatic nomination for violation of rules and cannot take participate in the Big Celebr8ty Challenge. They are given a chance to save themselves from nomination by passing their fourth weekly task. In their weekly task, only two out of three balls were successfully shot, which means only two of them can be saved.

The three chose Aljon to remain nominated. As Aljon was still automatically nominated, he could not participate in the challenge.

Before she exited from the house, Big Brother announced that the eviction will be canceled, due to Missy's voluntary exit. They failed the task, forcing the three to take part in a Special Ligtask challenge where the loser would be evicted. Since Rhys finished adult, he was automatically evicted from the House. This was a double eviction. Adult received immunity pinoy winning, or finishing a task. Housemate received automatic nomination for violation of rules, or failure of task.

However, since both are considered 2-in-1 housemates a nomination for one is a nomination for the other. He was ineligible to be nominated on that week's nomination night, and only adult two housemates with the most points were nominated adult week. No nominations took place as the weekly task determined who was nominated for eviction. This was also a double eviction. But unknown to them, the losing housemates were only falsely evicted, moving to a secret room in the house rather than leaving the house; not knowing that their stay in the House were extended from 8 weeks to 88 days or roughly more than 12 weeks.

As Camp Star Hunt won, the Housemates faced a double eviction. Thea, as team leader of the housemates, was automatically nominated as a result. Conversely, Shawntel as the leader of Camp Star Hunt, was immune from nominations. Camille and Kim as leaders of the Housemates, were immune from being nominated for winning. Round sites of the Big Jump Challenger determined who was nominated. As Andre, Lou, and Yamyam won, they were immune from eviction. Everyone else was nominated. Housemate received immunity after winning, or finishing a task, or winning a Sites Circle Challenge.

Housemate received an automatic nomination for violation of rules, or failure of task, or lost the Golden Circle Challenges for that week. Housemate had already been nominated and cannot take part in Golden Circle challenges. They are nominated and were excluded from participating in a series of Golden Circle Challenges. The following eviction was a double eviction. Angela and Yen earned their spot during the second Golden Circle Challenge. However, due to violation, Yen was stripped off of her Golden Circle and was automatically nominated for the week, together with Jem.

The second eviction night was a triple eviction. Mich, receiving 3 Black Circles, was automatically nominated and was given a disadvantage at Mr.

PBB TeenM8 PBB TeenM8 determined who was nominated for eviction. PBB TeenM8he later contracted an illness which forced him out of the competition, automatically nominating him. He would later be Force Evicted, resulting in only two people leaving the house come eviction night, instead of the planned triple eviction. Batit won the first Big Jump Challenge. Shoichi and Yen are automatically nominated for not taking part of the Big Jump Challenge.

Unknown to them, they were actually fighting for the second Big Jump Challenge. Tan adult the second Big Jump Challenge. Voting for Big 4 was adult opened right after the announcement of Tan's win. Despite this, the eviction of that week was not canceled. The housemates were later divided into three groups: As part of their weekly task, each team was required to openly vote 4 housemates they wanted to nominate.

The nominated housemates were not yet considered official as, at the end of the weekly task, only the members of bangla sax vidos two losing teams will become officially nominated. However, on Day 27, after the numerous stealing incidents that happened in the week's competition, Big Brother decided to disregard the earlier open nomination thus, the reason for the sites out votes in the tableand instead decided to place all the members of the would-be two losing teams as the official nominees.


Akie, as winner of the Big Jump Challenge, had to choose two housemates to face off in a Ligtask challenge, with the winner being safe. Akie chose Argel and Wealand, with the former winning the LigTask. The following eviction night was a double eviction. For the voting percentages, refer to the above tables.

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Batch 3 and Batch 4 tied for first place in the Batch-Bakan; thus, both batches were up for voting for the Eighth Big Otso slot. The unselected Housemates were also evicted that night. Half of the votes were determined by the challenge, while adult other half of the votes came from sites Public.

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