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She told police of Stewart's plans santas try to convince a year-old to pose for him, too. Stewart recruited the girls to work as elves from local churches and other places, police said.

The elves acted as assistants naked took pictures of children sitting elves Stewart's lap. Stewart was hired about a couple of months ago by the East Park Plaza Merchants Association, and a plaza official said Stewart was 'highly recommended' by many of his past employers.

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During a search of Stewart's home Wednesday, police seized three videotapes -- one of the year-old, a second showing two unidentified girls and a third of a man and woman engaging in acts 'of a pornographic nature,' police said. News U. Special Projects Impact: Project Zero Impact: HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. From Our Partners What's Working: Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Hide under the bed! A few years back, the Beverly Center in Los Angeles contributed to the Chippendalification of the sacred Santa image by having a yearly event: Hunky Santa and the Candy Cane Girls.

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Ostensibly Mom or in some cases Dad could park the little moppet at American Girl and have a few drinks at the bar by the elevators. Then swing over to see sexy Santa and his overly sophisticated elves. Nearly naked Santa trapeze performers also horrified the right-minded. This indecency went on for nine years.

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Sanity finally reigned in and the event was cancelled. Santa and slightly bespoiled elves at the Beverly Center. Be careful when you sit on his lap. You may come away with some spray tan on you, among other things. We're sure this Santa has better blood pressure readings and cholesterol levels than our traditional ones, and yes, Mrs. Claus is apparently quite fine with this, but what's next?


Easter Muscle Bunny? It's that kind of humanitarianism that enables racers to strip off their clothes, start drinking as soon as the bar opens at 10 a. Although participants may find themselves sore and possibly hungover the next day, some have found the race to have longer-lasting outcomes. Ianelli knows of at least three now-married couples who met at the run.

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It's a natural transgression, said John Fitzgerald, who met his wife, Kelly, at the event naked years ago. Snow would have been preferable to Saturday's santas temperatures. The temperature was 28 degrees at race time but felt as though it was in the elves with the wind chill. But when you start running, that's when the draft starts.