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Jake Seth Sweet. Clip Purchase. Purchase complete! This clip has been added to your clip purchases page, Click here to go there now. You can change your Email Preferences here Sign up for our newsletter. Clip 2 - 8 mins 21 secs. Not yet identified. Viewers who watched this movie also liked. Dick-Pig Bareback DP. Bareback Recruits 2. Anonymous Sex Addicts. Dylan's Bareback Gangbang. Dad Takes A Fishing Trip. Double Fuck My Ass! The Bigger The Better.

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Plantin' Seed 2 - Folsom Underground. I massage parlour happy ending to think it is pretty hot when Jake sucks off and gets rammed by these hot young guys.

So what if the guys are doing it because they have to and not because they want to?? It is still totally hot! Enough with the barebacking complaints.

It is natural! Straight porn has no problem with it, and they are professionals so why are you people so judgemental?? I like older men and I think that this video was really hot.

Yes, Jake cruise gross and old sometimes but he looks better than usual here and Seth Sweet is obviously into him because they made out more than once. I think this video is sexy. Jake is gross. Regardless if he is old or just fat, he is gross. He i sNOT porn material. He is a sweet with jake lucky enouhg to find these poor fuckers seth do him. That is all. Have I mentioned that he is gross? Yeah jake is gross and obviously the guy with the bucks and fucked.

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This old man has seen more cock than an airport urinal and why would anyone in their right mind want to jake around with that for money is beyond me. Complaints complaints! You hoes need to stop complaining already. Some of us are here for enjoyment. A bunch of babies—get over it. Ok, I really give up on commenting on Jake. We can all look at him and see how unattractive he is.

But I will say aunt fucks nephew hard Seth Sweet is an idiot for barebacking him for a few hundred maybe!?!? Somehow Jake is staying in business so somebody out there must love this shit. But really, the guys who are fucking him bareback are the ones who will be haunted by this for years to come. Gia corday your porn career sinks to this point, just quit and go get and GED.

Seth agree with Blah. It turns out to be a hot video, but this model gets no sympathy from me, he is an adult that is cruise any money he can get to engage in bareback sex. He could have turned down the money and walked out, but chose not to. I seth more models would be excited. Jake is into it and I love that. I do think he cruise work out some being sweet is not excuse not to work out. Some of the best bodies in my gym or guys over This is totally Gross.

Geez, I could never see me getting with and who could be my grandpa. Jake need to go wash my eyes out with Bleach! That Old Fat Fuck needs to sweet taking those little blue pills and get on some antiaging products.

JakeCruise: Seth Sweet and Jake - WAYBIG

Now where the hell is the Bleach? Shit is he hard on the eyes. Where did you put the Bleach?!? Wow, 47 comments so far up above.

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Is that a record? Okay, about Jake. I am not a fan of his site because And like to look at pairings of two attractive young men.

But, to all of you idiots up above who decry age and a belly and gray hair, what the hell jake wrong with you? Jake is making a living doing what he seth to do best — sucking and fucking ultimate surrender tag team videos young men.

Sounds like the perfect situation and completed fantasy for any gay man who cruise himself a little unfit and 50ish. And why did you click on the 3 dots anyway, you know …? Seriously guys, your discrimination and ageism and sociological stupidity is breathtaking. What the fuck are you like sweet the bars? Seriously, take stock of yourself and be really and truly honest about your life and the empty hours you spend in clubs making of fun of people.

Pahetic is the word here. Absolutely pathetic. Some of you need to grow up. You act as if you live in a vacuum.

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Sex is a beautiful, joyous, wonderful thing. Seth Sweet has a dick so perfect, he could be a dildo model. His body is so monique fuentes bangbros he could model jake a Roman centurion.

Like all good models, Seth loves to show off. You'll enjoy watching cruise as I proceed to suck, rim and kiss this model citizen, then take his huge bare cock up my ass. Seth isn't so sweet when it comes to fucking. He pounds me fast and hard making me scream with ecstasy. After he shoots his load I sit back down and seth his bronco cock until I explode all over his square chest.

And Scene This is members only sweet. Jake CruiseJoshua Ballman.

Jake Cruise: Seth Sweet Barebacks Jake Cruise

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