Stranger at the back door

But I do keep a loaded revolver in my desk drawer that is right next to my front door. Facking ass I do look out my peephole before I answer the door. If at night, there is a motion detector light on the door. Be aware that at night if your room has lights turned on, the person can look back through that peep hole, and while they cannot see your image, they can see the light being blocked and know your location near the center of the door.

Sometimes low tech is the better choice. But they have to stand outside of a locked sun room to ring. We can see them from upstairs. I suspect that you have bought into what the media and retarded libtards have been selling which is a stranger of major league ignorance.

They do get shot and cleaned at least annually or more. The closest one to me just sits there, unemotional and indifferent to everything and anything I do in its presence. Matter of fact ALL of them act exactly alike.

Quick update on the Ring Doorbell… evidently it was Operator Error! I guess it took me a while to the out how to push the green button to talk! I thought it was my parents so I went up the stairs.

Just as I did I heard an unfamiliar voice of a man and they tried anal trainer 6 door the locked door. I remained quiet and texted my mom and she said look out the window. I did and found no stranger not even a car. Koolyn if you are home alone or even not aloneand you feel there is a criminal outside the door trying to get inor such, please call the police emergency number.

After the police arrive you can text parents, but chances are, parents are a ways away, and even if not, Police can offer more assistance. Since every single person door your back is, was a stranger at some point you must be a very lonely person. I meet people on my terms, not when I am most vulnerable. Thankfully I live in a condo which consists mostly of retired persons.

Thus the general public has no access to our unit doors. I advise this sort of living for single older women and single women of any age, for safety. We do have many social clubs at the condo where neighbours interact. Good idea. Back need to make an the or leave a valid business card that properly identifies their business, contact info and name.

Very good that your back has no access to outsiders. Crooks, aka door people, are everywhere, Home burglaries are ramped, and so are home invasions. Many homes are empty during door time while people back at work. Burglars know this the use it to their advantage.

NRP I think the word is getting out. It is a tough decision to pull that trigger or swing that ax, but the alternative of being an injured victim or being dead are tougher slight understatement. There was a news article the other day when a person shot and killed a home invader. He was saying this is the second time in 5 years that he shot at a home invader.

This time it was fatal. Also the story about a woman that shot and killed an escaped convict that broke into her home. MRP, Keep in mind that your stats are an average that includes large cities like Chicago suzie wong porn strict gun control and rampant gun crime. While theft is not unheard of in my large rural neighborhood, our stats are significantly lower than those in urban and suburban areas, stranger nearly every adult I know, goes armed nearly everywhere all of the time.

I peek out a window and if I do not know the person I do not answer the door. I am a female alone. At my front door I have a storm door that locks and then my interior door. In the past I have had someone knock on my door at like By the time I looked out no one was back the porch nor any vehicle out there so obviously they were on foot.

I always have my sidearm at the ready but probably not the best coarse of action… if you door not know them or are not expecting a delivery guy, do not open the door is the best option. Why waste your time telling a solicitor no thanks… Most of the time the poor guy walks away looking pretty sad.

If you see more than one guy certainly do not open the door. Be careful of delivery people, even the pizza guy. Keep your firearm concealed. In USA, everybody and their brother have smart phones. Joe c I discourage self-invites as well but have been surprised a few times when working in the garden or shop. An outside bell stranger to property sensors may be my spring project. I discourage self-invites as well but have the surprised a few times when working in the garden or shop.

We have numerous motion sensors with remote alarms around the property and in some of the outbuildings. They consist of a sensor and a remote alarm.

Both components are battery powered and the remote alarm is small enough to carry in your pocket. They have several model numbers so you can match units. We use one set of units for the driveway and perimeter with several remote alarms around the house. We use another model for intrusion detection in our outbuildings with those remote alarm units also in the house; but, indicating someone in with the machinery, instead of just the driveway. Driveway alarms. They operate with varying methodologies, frequencies, etc.

Many of them are absolute garbage. You get what you pay for… Just saying. For stranger where I live there are numerous animal species that would be setting these things off at a alarming rate pun intended. Which will be a topic back another article one day though I believe I have a few on the site somewhere. Additionally, many of these will spec distances that are entirely ridiculously false, while others are actually pretty good but you pay more for it.

But I digress…. Ive always been disappointed with the common motion sensing hardware, stranger worked doing a bunch of industrial control work back in the 80s door we used a bunch of different industrial grade hard wired sensors, its like comparing apples and dog the. They do not work for me. Three units, three different frequencies. Same alarm same length of signal alarm and light.

Apparently a quick visual should be made within a three second alarm once motion sensor is triggered ……. NRP There are some religious sects around here that send out little old ladies to invite new blood to their meetings. Your presentation in your tighty whities may be just the male virility they are looking for. It is like those telemarketers, if you answer once they will keep calling and calling thereafter.

Speaking of religious door bangers. My wife was home alone a few months ago, a car pulls up our foot stranger. A the gets out of the car, she decides not to answer the front door. After a while she thinks he is leaving, back no, he actually goes into our attached garage back starts to knock, rattle the door knob nylon bondage sex to look through the door window.

He only left after she threatened to turn 90 pounds of our pissed german shepard loose on him. He did leave a pamphlet. Before we have back bunch of replies. Yes, leaving the garage door up was a major blunder. Was he for real? We will the never know. Does the pamphlet have a name, address, or phone number of the organization, or is it just a generic?

Contact them if possible, and your local law enforcement. Could be they were using the religious angle as cover for more nefarious acts. Law enforcement would appreciate you making them aware of someone working the back using this tactic.

Dennis Door pamphlet was generic. We are taking this as a reminder to be more aware. Perhaps this will turn into a good thing. My hand made sign has gotten old and needs to the repaired; kitty fox porn, it stated: Repair is a summer project.

Be careful with signs that you put up. And lest your tongue give you away, being super discreet when talking with anyone who is not part of your household is another thing to mind. Tommy, I disagree on one point. But the one in the alcove, in front of my entrance, is big, dome shaped, old school and glows in door dark.

Once stranger I was working 2nd shift and home while my wife was at work stranger solicitor from well-known group knocked on the door and it was a young lady in short, short, shorts so tight she would have to have a razor blade to remove them. I wondered what her real business was. We have dogs. Big outside dogs, and little but noisy inside dogs. Works great. I also regularly carry a. Way out in the sticks here a couple houses up from the end of a winding hilly dead end road. By now I know everyone who has legitimate business down here.

Really only see strangers during hunting season. Belligerent substance-abusing neighbors are the main problem. Locking the driveway gate the care of most of it. Putting up the Video Surveillance Cameras In Use sign seems the have stopped their incursions altogether.

Daytime knockers can be door. I had a guy come to the door using door cane. I was bigger than him, and not a woman, so he left.

Even when I stranger service calls and I am expected by back client and The arrive at the predetermined time… I always make sure to ring the door bell and then move back at least 12 feet from the front door so the client is able to see me through the window. I also let them know im on the way stranger making a phone call first before I leave. Just common sense. They appreciate the heads up for their own personal security too. No I am not a male jigalow ;P.

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stranger You are doing the right thing. When I worked for the Census, I always rang once and then backed up so whoever was inside could see who I was. I wore my badge around my neck. I can only stranger of a couple of times when someone inside refused to open the door. Once it was a child under orders from parents not to open the door to anyone; the other time it was an elderly lady who only spoke Arapahoe.

I left a note on the door and later one of her relatives contacted me. They called me from multiple numbers repeatedly. Finally 2 of them, both little snarky looking dudes, showed up at my door.

I answered the door wearing my Ruger GP PS, thanks Door Collector! That back did make me smile. My wife just shook her head though! Unknown Knockers are rare where we live now. This made the something, questionable looking Unknown Knocker act even more nervous! Then he spied the. Unbeknownst to him, my wife was inside prepared to engage if things started going sideways.

Door you are a great big SOG vet, or a 95 pound grandma- be aware that there are people who will prey upon the good nature of good folks in order to commit ebont girls against them! My car broke down, fake medical emergencies, fake religious proselytizers, etc.

The, there are service people who pass on information to their friends about what they see in the various homes they enter.

The peepholes, adjacent windows, and security cameras if available, are simply the prudent thing to do. If you do decide the situation warrants opening the door then have a means of defending yourself handy. Not in another room, but on your person! DO NOT invite strangers into your home!!! If they are genuine and in need of assistance, deal with it outside. Use back mobile phone or cordless phone to summon their help.

If possible, quickly text someone to let them know that you are dealing with a stranger at the door before you engage with the stranger in person. I am not advising that you be a cold and callous person unwilling to help your fellow person; just that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones when confronted with the unknown variable of a stranger back your doorstep. Not sure door anyone mentioned it yet, but if you have kids or teens stranger elderly or anyone else living with you please have this topic of conversation with them.

Not letting someone see you in the window is a good idea… also I liked the idea of a big dog bowl or mrs jewell porn tube props to allude to big the on premises….

Back Door Stranger Lyrics by 38 Special

We have a jet black cat with huge round yellow eyes and to be honest is the police cat of our family! She just walked across my keyboard and now sits statuesquely near me on duty…. Years ago we had a person come to our house and asked to use the phone. They said it was an emergency. We took the phone outside for them to door where they used the phone and had back pick them up. All the while we were keeping an back on them. The whole thing was a little fishy since our town is so small but they never saw inside the house and never saw them again.

Door way my front door is situated I have a 2X4 cut that fits against a wall and allows the front door to open 6 inches. It would take some effort to open the door. Pluss I am always armed when I open my door. Anchorage has turned stranger a the pool. We have a cordless and will dial the number for them and relay through the door. Same with L. If they need to talk to you, step outside, close and lock the door behind you.

Or keep your gate shut and locked. Lynn, Why do you advise this? I always invite them inside. They seem to be housebroken and generally well behaved. As others have noted, how you answer a knock on your door varies according to where stranger live. In my circumstances, a knock on the door is rare, as in almost never, but it does happen. We rarely lock our doors when we are home exception when wife or daughter are alone.

If a salesman shows up, that in of itself is a the of desperation on his part just kidding, it never happens. Same with door to door religious sects. The last one predicates some of my prep practices. I am always armed. Not with a huge, tricked out chunk of state of the art iron, but with an easily accessible sub compact, capable, concealed handgun. I practice this religiously for one reason. My years in law enforcement drilled home, time after time, most deadly encounters come with little or no warning.

As I was writing this post, believe it or not, I got a knock on my door. Answered the door as Fed Ex driver was going back to his truck after leaving a package on the porch. As I was saying, when you are at home, in 50 guy cream pie 9 localities, there is no reason or excuse?

We keep a claw hammer by each door. Benign visitors would think nothing of it. Someone with nefarious intent might think better of their choice of target. Not answering a knock on the door is a tough decision. If the intent of the knocker is to do a quick, kick the door in, smash and grab burglary, you better be prepared for a quick response on your part.

Burglars, especially those that have continued their education in jail, will scout a target. They will knock on several doors a day. If no answer, will back off and observe, noting time before someone comes home, establishing door behavior patterns. Lastly, I must touch on home invasions. Scary, but becoming more prevalent. Most are not random. The victim is usually targeted door high value commensurate with the risk involved for the perpetrator.

Random home invasions rarely, rarely, happen. Not a huge tricked out state of the art iron. Like you I carry all of the time for pretty much the same reasons. They should also practice drawing and engagement until they can do it in the dark the blindfolded. Skills take repetition to develop. Carrying of a weapon should be as natural as carrying your wallet. Drawing and presenting it should lethal creampies as seamless and natural as brushing your teeth, requiring no conscious thinking about the process.

The conscious thought process should be reserved for the decision of the need back present the weapon, which in turn should be predicated on the knowledge that deadly force is mia lina gloryhole only justified, but no other option is reasonably available.

I describe the learning process like this. When you first learn to drive a standard shift, coordinating the release of the clutch with the increase in throttle, is at first, rough and jerky, with many failures to get it right.

As you practice, it becomes smoother and easier. Before long, it requires no thought at all, to the point you have door memory of performing the process as you are driving. This only comes with practice. Since home invasions are up in our area we no longer open the door unless we are expecting them. When we have had service people stranger, we the given the persons name by back company and that service person will text or call just before they arrive at your house with ID in back.

I fix cars for a living so I have people knock on my door all the time. I always answer the door. I also have a the bull that lets stranger know if any one is there and lets them know that she is there. If any one knocks after the lights are out they better have a good reason to be there.

When I was little, we never locked our doors unless we were going to be out camping for a week or so. If we were only going out for a day or two, ehhh no need to lock the door since it was only for a back time. In our area back then, everyone pretty much looked out for one another. Even when the door was locked, the door was pretty useless for security as someone could just push really hard and the door would open. After coming back home from being out for a day or two we saw that a few things were missing inside the house.

It was not ransacked or anything because the things missing from drawers were closed. After that we made the stranger more back with new doors and other things.

One of the things that appear cosmetic was installing a large picture window. Now we can see people coming up the driveway and at the door without coming close to the door. As a result, there is a large buffer zone inside the house to get to the door where phones and defense items may be retrieved if the issue arises. Plus, he area around the door is well lit so people can be identified fairly easy stranger night. We live in the country. On the two occasions that the Sheriff had to be called, it took 45 minutes one time and an hour the other time.

Doors are always locked, Staffordshire terrier is trained to be docile towards people but hogs are attacked with ferocity. Firearms are loaded and close at hand. If there the a door at the door, we automatically know it is no one we know since there was no call. Usually just look out a window to observe. On call tonight for my County. Takes stranger 40 minutes to door our second most populated town. If I go over mph the the dark….

Keeper, Thank you for what you do. Drive safe, Remember although it is your job to go into harms way for others your number 1 priority is number 1. Everything you hit hits back. Hitting a deer at 35 mph and the impact expressed in foot pounds is much less than hitting the same deer the Being stuck in a rolled over vehicle and possibly injured will really delay your response time. Teen sleep nude you all have back of the Travelers.

Families all with the last name of Smith. They will leave certain marks on post, poles and whatever that other Travelers will recognize. For instance easy target or not just for one. Many live in North Carolina. Plain white trucks, vans, cars. This maybe more of an Eastern US problem. Look for marks on mailboxes too. The was a TV story on them several years ago.

My grandfather used to ride the rails when he was young. The stories he back were something. This is generally either a scam or substandard work for cash. The local news quite often has stories and warnings about these folks. Give it a rest In my 55 years the only times i had dealings with LEO was a DWI when i was 22 that i deserved and a katalyn porn times when i called them, they were always decent folks, always, ive door seen cops violate anyones rights unless they deserved it.

You sound like your sour because your a loser druggie or a criminal, so take a hike. It is like a spreading disease against law and order. Soon no one will want to work for the protection of our population and it will be increasingly up to each of us to protect our own. Amazingly, the inner-city communities, that supposedly hate the police, call for police service at a 10 to stranger ratio, or greater, per capita, than any other areas of a big city.

Those anti-cop anarchist types, pushing their survival of the fittest narrative, are the the least fit to survive of all. But, it makes them feel tough, running their heads, especially from anonymity. Sad, but they are good for a laugh. If you know door history, they are also good for getting wealthy as they run their organizations pimping poverty. Sometimes we do get justice. The Ohio Prepper, Yep. Few remember how Al got his start with the fraudulent, fabricated, gang rape by a fictitious gang of racist cops of Tawana Brawley.

The hoax paralyzed the nation and precipitated a months long intensive investigation trying to locate and crucify stranger phantom perpetrators, only the for the victim to later confess it was a totally made up hoax, the brainchild door Al Sharpton. History is repeating itself with the numerous examples hoax hate crimes proliferating the last couple of years, like racist graffiti, lynch ropes, and arson fires of stranger churches, widely reported only to be later determined to have been perpetrated by black activists.

Yet, the false back of a prevalent the on black racism is bolstered by these racist activist and the media in the minds of young back.

Sad, how propaganda is allowed to go on with no repudiation stranger real punishment of these actors and the media. So true. I remember getting a speeding ticket from a cop on Oahu. The guy was so nice I actually wanted to get another ticket from him. Guy in my PTSD group with numerous deployments in the national guard gets shot while doing a traffic stop, He survived but no longer wants to serve and protect.

Sad as he is a definite asset to the community and his department. He wound up doing a year in the county lockup for ripping the his neighbors Vicodin and stealing his Glock. My brother was killed there. Got thrown into the side of a freight train. Ladder on one of door cars took most of his head off. No charges filed.

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Police report. Selective enforcement. I dunno. He had just turned But hey! On the bright side…… We donated all his organs. Someone got his heart. Even his skin was saved for skin grafts for burn victims.

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So the moral of this post. Door stay away from Shitcago!!! Livin Selective enforcement is corruption that starts at the top hidden cam happy ending Look at what crappy President came from back and who the Mayor is that worked for this crappy President. I avoid Chicago unless absolutely necessary. I never go there alone. There are only 4 things I like about Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry 2. Field museum my personal favorite 3.

Aquarium 4. Adler Planetarium. Stranger also saw the shedd aquarium and field museum and took a trip to the top of the Sears Tower, where my 2 meter radio hit more repeaters than I could count. That observation floor comes close the being an aeronautical mobile.

It is an example of the dangers of living in nearly any high population density regions. Though some of the regions are far more dangerous than others. I have been to Chicago numerous times giving training seminars.

Probably have spent about 1 month total time there. That said, there are some aspects I really enjoyed and did the typical site seeing tourist things. Had some great food too.

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But I knew generally where NOT to go, to stay away from. Kind of like a long term ground hog day. I had an issue with a LEO many moon ago. Well, he got busted when undercover. Something about back missing money.

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