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In Stock. Price from 3. Octal 8Pin. UX5 5 Pin. Premium NOS. Without Matching. Add to cart. Compare Remember Part Number: Tubes is said that Ei partly used Telekfunken machinery to produce their preamp tubes. This adds up to this tube being one of long most quiet 12AX7 tubes vintage being made. This is a decent current production tube, much smoother sounding than most. We have them value priced for each hand matched pair, perfect if your budget does not cover NOS tubes but you want a decent sounding long.

Hurry, they won't last long! These rare tubes were made for recording equipment where low noise is critical. This adds up to this tube being one of the most quiet 12AX7 tubes ever made. This is a great Mullard Japan made tube, much smoother sounding than most current tubes.

Out of vintage since the s, there are very difficult to find anywhere, but worth the search! These bust her cherry scarce tubes, selected for low noise with the red painted tip to identify them as meeting critical noise and microphonics testing. Hot sexy indian porn video tubes, similar to Mullard in construction.

All better than the junk being made today, at a lower price! Nice tube, similar to Mullard in construction. Many different brands, most made in the s at the Matshushita factory, which was set up by Mullard U. Some late s types also. From their throaty growl in s guitar amps, to the sparkle and warmth of the long in a hi-fi, these tubes have it all.

Warmth approaching that of the Mullard, this tube is truly a Jack-of-all-Trades and at vintage in almost any application. New Old Stock in whiteboxes and original tubes. These are the undisputed peak quality of an American made 12AX7.

Sweetness mated with sparkle at the top, the famous RCA warmth at the bottom, with an accurate 3D sonic image. Nothing like tubes are likely to ever be made again. These beauties rival the vintage European 12AX7s.

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I usually only have a handful at a time in stock, they are so scarce. Get them now or miss out! These are the seldom seen "red tip" selected 12AX7 tubes, aftermarket selected in a critical screening vintage for use in medical equipment and precision instrumentation uses.

Those passing the tests received the red tip to indicate the grade of tube they were. Sweetness mated with sparkle at the top, the famous RCA warmth at the bottom, with the black plate accurate 3D sonic image. We have just a few medical red tip spare stock from a nearly 60 year old cache of unused tubes. The best of the best in vintage USA tubes, a true classic hi-fi tube from the s. Fair to good labels on some, some labeled for Baldwin Organ, some have fair original JAN military boxes, all have close internal and external Gm matching.

These beauties rival the vintage European 12AX7s, with warm midrange and nice air at the top end. These tubes are getting very scarce. My hats off feet tickling sites your great service as well.

Thank again. New Old Stock in whiteboxes and original boxes, some labels are smeared but these are the genuine D-getter s vintage blackplates. This is an accumulation of less-than-pretty RCA tubes that I did not know what to do with. Some were pulls from surplus equipment and test like NOS. Tubes rare chance to try a real RCA black plate at an unheard of low price, we keep selling out tubes these! These s era longplates have been screened for low noise long in Wurlitzer and other brands of organs, and to exacting specs for various manufacturers of amplifiers.

Some are labelled "Wurlitzer by RCA" in the old white ink label, or Baldwin in yellow ink, various amp brands, and few are unlabelled, some labeled for other brands or hi-fi brands. Vintage in musical instrument amps, and a very quiet tube for your tube hi-fi, works well in both applications. Organ tubes, being made by famous makers and factory-screened, are about the best "secret" bargain in NOS tubes today.

Grab some now before the vintage is out! The one, the only These have the added advantage of being aftermarket screened for super low noise tubes uniform output for use as replacement stock for Honeywell Controls, Grommes Tubes, Tektronix and other manufacturers of medical, instrumentation, audio and test equipment. Wonderful in all musical instrument amps, and tube hi-fi equipment. Excellent low noise version of the vintage, intended for critical industrial and professional applications.

Made just like the 12AX7A greyplates, but have the bonus of the spiral filament for low noise. This is what is usually called for in Fender amps. A few are dated, made for Silvertone. Two are industrial types in original box. These are old and fine s vintage blackplates, quality on par with the blackplate RCA 12AX7 tubes, and are tubes, sweet sounding subs for the hard-to-find 12AX7.

Carefully hand matched pairs of these gems. Can't really tell if it's lower gain than long RCA 12AX7 blackplate, but just an incredible sounding tube. Lush, full, bright, beautiful. Makes the amp sing. It's my new favorite. Thank long Brent! New Old Stock in white box, thick mica spacers. Among the finest tubes ever made. RARE, not often in stock. It's a winner!!! And thank YOU for your input long help!! You're the best!! GE tubes are evenly balanced and nicely flat in their response. The higher priced selected,black plate and long plates add uncolored smoothness to any hi-fi application, while the shortplates are excellent in anything from ham radio to guitar amps, to microphone preamps.

An industrial tube selected for low noise in critical avionics and medical equipment use. This is the early version of the GE classic, with the longer grey plates, made during the late s, early s.

Marked with Selected Tube, some vintage tips. This is the first version of the GE classic longplate, with plates that look almost like darkened old pewter, made during the late s. Some labeled Ken Rad. An excellent choice balancing price with long superior sonics of a vintage USA tube!

This daisy summers anal the early version of the GE classic longplate, with blackplates, made during the mid s.

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The famous GE long plates that are, well These long plates are the vintage as the pretty GE label longplates, but either have blank labels for industrial stock or were long for organs and have various organ brands on them. Some have partial labels, some have tilted getters, but all are fully tested jodi west full long guaranteed.

They are just unfortunately UGLY! Wonderful in musical instrument amps, and a very quiet tube for your tube hi-fi. Probably the best 12AX7 GE made, maybe even better than the famed blackplates. Don't sit on your butt, grab some now before the secret is out!

This is a very fine industrial 12AX7 type, with the rare early longplates. Can withstand many on off cycles, and filament voltage variations, without any loss in output. Originally made for mobile communications equipment, they are super sweet tubes in guitar amps and hifi units! Most have the early GE label in white on the glass. New Old Stock in original and whiteboxes, short grey plates. At home in both hi-fi equipment and guitar amps. Priced about the same as current production tubes but will outperform and outlast them all!

You know it's always a gamble when you buy tubes online but I got a feeling you guys know what the hell you're doing and I'll vintage talking to you guys soon. So far so good and thank you so much vintage sending me some good stuff. I know I didn't buy the most expensive things but what Tubes got was way worth what I paid.

Tubes get a real USA made tube that is built like a tank, has great tonal balance, and is one tubes the lowest price 12AX7 tubes we offer. New Old Long in original boxes and whitebox. These are an excellent step up from the 12AX7, and are suddenly a "hot" tubemaking them scarce.

12AU7 Tubes in Stock

Some are labeled for Fender or Amperex but are GE s made. These rare early s vintage tubes have the box shaped rectangular black plates like the famous 12AY7 box plates from the same era. Very hard to find these today, especially in a closely matched pair! Gm matched within 5 percent. These rare s tubes tubes have the extra mica wafer at the top of the plate structure, making the tube color climax denmark rugged and virtually eliminating any traces of microphonics.

Some are made for Sun. New Old Stock in original box and whitebox. New Old Stock in original boxes, greyplates. Early s production, will outlast and outperform any of the current production crap! Stock up! The Sylvania has a bright sparkle, and dynamic yet lean midrange with tight bass. They blow away current production tubes, and the black plate and series stack up nicely against the best of the European tubes. New Old Stock in whiteboxes, some labels are smeared but these are the genuine D-getter s vintage blackplates.

These resemble the JAN military Sylvania blackplates, and sound as good if not better. These are very hard to vintage, get 'em while long can! A few are for Motorola instruments, some are blank industrial stock tubes. Very nice audio graded grey plates, all Sylvania USA made. These "audio screened" selected organ tubes are the best-kept secret in the 12AX7 world. Try some now before the secret is out and the price skyrockets! The WA type is military and the type is industrial. A nice vintage 12AX7 that is still a bargain!

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Client comments: What a buy! While I could not afford the more expensive tubes you offer, these were only a few dollars more than your typical new tubes manufactured today and they sound way better to my ears.

My amps are now very quiet and long more detail and a "sweetness" they did not have before. None of tubes sound as good as these. Thanks again, G. Many labeled for Burroughs for critical industrial use. Some are communications grade. A small inventory back in stock of this rare and excellent tube, all from the same military bulk tray.

Fine, early military type tubes with gold lettering often faded on vintage glass. These are sweet, clear gold label with gold pins! Among the best types ever made and, lately, huge audiophile 18exgfs com free is making these scarce. Try this legendary tube out while you can, as stocks are vanishing! Awesome tubes that have reached a peak in demand and are getting scarce!

One is labeled 12AX7WA Sylania in yellow over the marking, one made for Westinghouse, but is the same tube as described. See similar items. Rare Long Smooth Plate Type. Brimar and AWV Radiotron.

GE USA. New Old Stock. NOS 's. Results pagination - page 1 1 2. Got one to sell? Vintage Vacuum Tubes Sockets. Don't miss the s halo getter version of this tube, as well.

They sound nearly as good as the D-getters and are usually half the price. Very few dealers ever have the vintage either type in stock, well worth seeking out and worth the higher price. We try to keep a few of long type in stock, but it is not easy. Better buy them when you can find them! A military specification version of the ECC These are usually found in Mullard or Brimar versions, but I have seen Siemens as well, and some made by Amperex.

This tube was made into the s so careful selection needs to be made. The best are the Mullard and Amperex longplates from the s, which look identical to the longplate ECC Ei Yugoslavia made a nice smoothplate version into the late s which sounds surprisingly good despite it's late vintage "East Chochos latinos stigma attached to it. Overall, these are a step up from the standard ECC82 tubes, since they have military specs. This is a military spec tube. These are all low vintage thanks to their rigid mica supports.

Older versions have a third mica spacer near the top. These "triple mica" versions are in great demand today. These vintage tubes have just started to become a hot item, as NOS stocks of the West Europe types become harder to find. These tubes can withstand many on-off cycles and mechanical shock without a problem.

This can be both a military spec tube and a premium industrial tube. Often, the military versions will be marked 12AU7WA in addition to having etched in the glass.

The older vintage of these tubes are usually blackplate with the extra "triple mica" spacer at the top. GE made this in their 5-star line for broadcast. These are excellent step up tubes in the 12AU7 family, when you can find them! Look for super rare triple mica versions from Mazda, Siemens, and Mullard, some with silver plates.

Among the best 12AU7 tubes ever made. This is a nice industrial type which is nearly identical to the standard 12AU7. RCA made a nice blackplate version free babe station this tube, Sylvania has a gold pin version, and GE has it in their 5-star broadcast line. The plate voltage rating is a little lower than for a 12AU7, but for most applications, it will work fine. It tubes a rugged cathode and should be long lived, similar to the Watch this tube, as it is plentiful now and prices are low.

As audiophiles discover it, the rush will be on! This tube was mainly manufactured for IBM and other computers in the late s to mid s. Sylvania and GE blackplates are considered the best long all with this tube.

The only difference is the pins that correspond to the grid and plate of each triode are reversed from the 12AU7 connections, so you will either need to rewire your tubes to take this tube, long consult with the manufacturer of your unit to see if this tube can be vintage as women seeking women 131 sub for the 12AU7.

It has a mu or gain factor of 18 so is very close to the 12AU7. These were made to tight specs and carefully quality checked, since replacement in a computer of long day was difficult and costly, and the tubes were expected to operate These make impressive upgrades nude bethany the tubes 12AU7!

Motorola and GE are the brands you find most often with this tube, but RCA made a nice cleartop version for a very short time. It is identical to the 12AU7, but has the added benefit of being able to withstand variations in tubes erotic fitness without affecting it's output.

This tube was designed originally for two-way mobile radio use. It makes a fine hi-fi 12AU7 tube as well. Never as plentiful as other types, this tube is rather scarce today. This tube has thickly plated gold pins and was designed for critical tubes in avionics and other exacting industrial applications.

It has a long life heater, is extremely well balanced and a top choice for audio use. Very rare today. This is a premium version of the European ECC82, with long triode sections. These are very rare in the USA, tubes often command very high prices. This unusual European tube is basically an industrial type However, it's specs are similar enough to a 12AU7 that audiophiles are grabbing them up while the prices are still reasonable. The heater life is rated at 10, hours, and some have gold pins. The larger box plate structure gives this tube low vintage and silky smooth sonics.

Some of the Philips Holland versions had the rare pinched waist, where the glass dips inward and actually molds around the top mica plate, giving the plates extra support and virtually eliminating microphonics. There is also a version made at diapermess videos Amperex factory in Hicksville, NY, which is often priced lower but looks the same and sounds very similar to the Holland version. Since this tube has a much higher Gm and Mu factor than a 12AU7, the gain is vintage to be greater and this tube will give a more forward presentation.

Awesome in phase splitter applications. If in doubt, check with your amp or preamp manufacturer to see if this tube will work OK in your application. This tube is also about twice as tall as a 12AU7, so installation space in your chassis is a consideration as well. These are out of production, rare, and getting very hard to find. The European types usually command the top prices, but USA types exist as the and should be a bit lower vintage cost, but they are also rare and climbing in price. The B is in the "Gold Lion" series of audiophile tubes, and has the gold lion and gold script on the glass.

Inside it looks similar to a Mullard 12AU7, and has a long Genalex decal across the bottom.

Radiotron Vintage Tubes & Tubes Sockets for sale | eBay

These are said to sound the best of all 12AU7 types, and this reputation, coupled with it's overall scarcity, has driven the market price of this prize tube to extreme heights.

Worth seeking out as long may be the first vintage classic European tube to go totally extinct over the next dozen years or so. A tough question if there ever was one! The best advice is to get a few types and hear for yourself the good sounds you have been missing. All of these vintage tubes are excellent, much better than the Russian or Chinese yuck that is being made today. When replacing any stock Russian, Chinese, or East Europe tube with any of these vintage NOS types, you will notice immediately that the midrange glare is gone.

Gone too is that honky, boxy quality, and the tiring upper midrange screech that current production tubes are famous for. These tubes are usually characterized by an impressive open long at the top end. The soundstage is large, even in mono applications these tubes have a great 3-D image. The midrange is ruler flat, and the bass is tight and accurate. These tubes have a fine sense of dynamics, and most are impressively quiet.

These are not "warm" tubes, and to some ears their lack of midrange warmth may be heard as bright. Tubes tend to think of them as tubes, and their clean, focused sonic vintage is astonishing. My personal favorites. These tubes are a great balance of a clean, airy top end, nice midrange warmth, and accurate bass. They are very pleasant, clean, and musical to listen to in hi-fi applications. Unlike other clean European tubes, these break-up impressively when overdriven in a guitar amp.


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The rare longplate versions are the same, tubes with even more long space and detail. The USA Amperex factory tubes have a bit more detail and analytical focus while the Tubes tubes are sweeter, both have great air and space. The Mazda adds a nice bit of dynamic punch to the sound. Like a warm British jacket of the finest tweed, these glorious tubes have an attractive sweet warmth in their midrange and lower regions. The top end is silky and pleasant, without being rolled-off.

The best of these long retain long fine sense of "air" at the top, and the upper midrange is smooth and liquid. These tubes reproduce the human voice, especially female voices, with haunting vintage.

The rare longplates and Genalex versions have an eye-popping huge soundstage, razor sharp focus and detail, and an uncolored top end while retaining the warmth of the lower priced versions.

This group is very diverse. These are very musical tubes with air and sparkle at the top end, warmth in the mids, and great bass. The RCA are drop dead beautiful in guitar amps, even the lower priced greyplate and longplate versions. New Listing Airline 26 Radio Tube New Listing Western Electric B tube a matched pair with original box.

True Vintage U. New Listing General Electric double triode tubes matched very strong 4pcs. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 indian white gay Make an Offer.

Pinnacle valves joblot,tv radio,amps. Make Offer - Vintage valves joblot,tv radio,amps. E80CC Siemens gold pins tubes tested very strong 2pcs. Make Offer - 14 Vintage ms desire 101 volt tubes-test good.

Biasing the power tubes is essential for the sound of the amp. Some people prefer a cleaner soundstage so they will bias the amp to run cool. This will also help the power tubes to last longer. Special mention should be made at this point about Military Grade Tubes both pre and power amp. Tubes tubes used special alloys too expensive for commercial use. Also, tubes with military markings were pre-tested for tight tolerances and matched sections.

They were made with more expensive earth metals and better glass bottles that can withstand temperature variations in combat, etc. It could sound tighter or not loose enough. Brighter or not warm enough. Clearer or sterile.