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Simply put, a golden shower is when someone pees on someone else as part of sex. However, this is far from the whole story.

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There are a number of types of pee fetishes, which as a category are often referred to as Water Sports. There are voyeurs with a specific favorite activity to watch. There are websites devoted to toilet cams a camera in a toilet so that there is a point of view video of the woman peeing. Some people like to pee in public or semi-public.

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They combine exhibitionism with peeing. Half the excitement of "pussing" is smuggling the watcher into the loo.

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Omorashi is a Japanese term to describe a fetish for having a bladder so full that you need to hot teen chatroulette urgently and getting sexually aroused by this sensation or sexually aroused by forcing someone to be in this position or watching someone in this position. Not only does it cause a watery, glissening face, but also may spark memories of nostalgia of one of the subjects' childhood memories of swimming in the pool, playing games with dear old decrepid Granny.

Days later, her eyes burned and a trip to the doctor's office was in order for dear Almeda.

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Watersports unknown. The act of spitting water out of your mouth. Usually done in a shower.

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Watersports is the official initiation into the watersports gang. The watersports gang is an exclusive club within the sju gc. Taking the piss out of your lover. Quite a few times each day. When compared to some of the other things I enjoy like, say, lying face-down on a bed and getting spanked while I beg for mercy, peeing is positively mundane. It's also not — contrary to knee-jerk myths — a particularly dangerous or unhygienic thing.

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If someone wanted to use urine to 'defile' a bed, the best they'd actually do is get the whole thing a bit damp and smelly. Urine is mostly sterile, and the greatest risk run by a watersports fetishist is that if they drink urine from the beginning of someone's stream, they might ingest bacteria that had been hanging around at the entrance to the urethral tract.

Why Some People Like 'Watersports' - And What It's Really Like

But this isn't a risk if you're only in to being peed on rather than in, and it can be avoided by never drinking from the start of sex stream. It's handy knowledge not only in case you hook up with a fetishist, but also if you happen to watersport stranded in the desert: Yet despite it's safety and relative popularity, urolagnia is still considered 'obscene' in the strictest technical sense. The UK's Obscene Publications Act lists 'activities involving perversion schoolgirl gangbang degradation such as drinking urine, urination or vomiting on to sex body, or excretion or use of excreta ' as one of its most commonly prosecuted topics — meaning that porn which includes urination is likely to get hammered by the censors.

There's still plenty of watersports porn out there — a PornHub search for 'piss' turns up over 10, videos — but in general censors frown on anything that involves urine. In fact, the British Board of Film Classification in the UK won't even allow female ejaculation in porn, because it is convinced that female ejaculate watersport 'urine' are one and the same thing. You can also follow the show on Twitter here.

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